Leaves from my Cumbrian Kitchen – Recipe book

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Leaves from my Cumbrian Kitchen

A selection of personal recipes for food prepared for friends and parties at the White House, Great Asby over many years.

A suggested donation to Hospice at Home is £10, or more if you wish, for each copy, without any obligation of course.



‘Looking for a home in 1972, I stumbled upon an empty farm house in the village of Great Asby (then Westmorland). There was no plumbing, except for cold water, and rudimental electricity and plastering, but great potential. I later discovered that the house was dated 1748, and would be first listed, and then included in the new National Park for ‘the Westmorland Dales’. And it was right in the centre of the village, with a  church, two chapels, a school and a pub, The Three Greyhounds!

After 15 months of renovations the place was habitable, with most ‘mods and cons’, and so began nearly 50 years of happy entertaining. And a party meant good food!

I am lucky to have experienced the explosion of good food, cooks and chefs, from the late 1950s. I loved those recipes from Elizabeth David and the cookery books for France and Italy especially. At first planning a meal from Appleby in the 1970s was problematic, but shopping tastes widened rapidly, and I always had access to a really good local butcher as well as travelling fish monger on Saturday’s market.

So my choices of recipes are wide ranging, but all I hope provide food of rich taste and interest, even when on occasions they sound rather bizarre!

The list of Party Favourites was prepared in 2016, followed by Soup Recipes in 2020, when I was in lock-down by the coronavirus pandemic.

This booklet is not for Sale. A voluntary donation can, however, be sent to ‘Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakeland’.


Michael Shipley

September 2020’


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